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  • FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG

    High resolution spectroradiometer

    Enhanced spectral resolution to support accurate analysis of the next generation of hyperspectral sensors.

    Higher resolution hyperspectral sensors provide greater accuracy for remote sensing classification applications, producing more information for each pixel generated in an image. To help maximize the full potential of these next generation sensors, measurements from ground-based instrumentation must meet or exceed the spectral resolution of the sensor.

    Enhanced spectral resolution to support accurate analysis of the next generation of hyperspectral sensors

    In the absence of this equal resolution, data is interpolated during processing and vital spectral information can be smoothed and lost.

    A resolução espectral aprimorada do espectroradiômetro FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG foi projetada para atender às demandas rigorosas dos sistemas de imagem hiperespectral de próxima generation, such as AVRIS-NG and HySpex ODIN-1024.

    In addition to superior spectral resolution, FieldSpec 4 Hi-Res NG, like all ASD spectroradiometers, incorporates graduated index InGaAs photodiode SWIR detectors to provide the smallest spectral sampling interval available on a handheld field device with 1,875 measured wavelengths during 350 to 2500 nm spectral range, ensuring the detection of even the most subtle spectral characteristics.

    Spectral scale 350-2500 nm
    Spectral Resolution 3 nm @ 700 nm
    6 nm @ 1400/2100 nm
    Sampling interval 1,4 nm @ 350-1000 nm
    1,1 nm @ 1001-2500 nm
    Scan time 100 milisseconds
    Specification of scattered light VNIR 0,02%, SWIR 1 e 2 0,01%
    Wavelength reproducibility 0,1 nm
    Wavelength accuracy 0,5 nm
    Maximum brightness VNIR 2X Solar, SWIR 10X Solar
    Channels 2151
    Detector Detector VNIR (350-1000 nm):
    Detector SWIR 1 silícon  512 elements (1001-1800 nm): Índice Fotografico
    InGaAs Graduado, Detector SWIR 2 Cooler TE  two stages (1801-2500 nm): Índice Graded InGaAs Photodiode, Two Stage TE Resfriado
    Input Optical fiber 1,5 m (range detection de 25 °).
    Noise (NEdL) VNIR 1.0 X10 -9  W / cm 2 / nm / sr @ 700 nm
    SWIR 1 8.0 X10 -9   W / cm 2 / nm / sr @ 1400 nm
    SWIR 2 8.0 X10 -9   W / cm 2 / nm / sr @ 2100 nm
    weight 5,44 kg (12 lbs)