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  • Cholinesterase Analyzer Kit

    By Lovibond

    The cholinesterase analyzer kit manufactured by Lovibond was designed for use in the field for rapid tests on users (farmers, spray operators) who are exposed to organophosphates (insecticides), alerting their absorption and unsafe work practices. The 267 AF test kit is simple to use and gives fast results with maximum precision.

    For use in the field for rapid tests on users

    A small blood sample is taken from the individual being tested for exposure to insecticides; after adding reagents, which develop a color in the sample from green to yellow, which is dependent on the level of cholinesterase activity, the sample is monitored visually with the color glass standards on a test disc using the Lovibond ® Comparator 2000 +. Each colored glass pattern represents a percentage of cholinesterase activity, ranging from 0 – 100% in increments of 12.5%. The results are analyzed according to a simple table, indicating the action that must be taken.

    NOTE: the image of the analysis kit is merely illustrative and may change without notice