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  • 9340-4T Series

    Simulators and DC Resistance Patterns

    The Guildline Instruments 9340-4T series of precision RTD simulators and DC Resistance Patterns are a complete family of easy-to-use, low-to-low resistance 4-wire resistance patterns, offering the best combination of accuracy and resistance range that is available commercially.

    The only decade-old pattern on the market today with a low ohmic range and high levels of accuracy

    Main benefits:

    • Resistance ranges include decades from 1 µΩ to 10 kΩ
    • True RTD Simulation with High Decade Resolution
    • Excellent for milli-Ohm and micro-Ohm applications and instruments
    • True 4-wire terminal design
    • Accuracy better than ± 0.01%
    • Temperature coefficient below 5 ppm / ° C
    • The effects of the switch resistance and the wiring of the four terminal arrangement are less than 10 µΩ
    • Direct reading of the resistance value on the 4 terminals
    • Long-life rotary switches with solid silver contacts
    • A ’10’ overlap position for fine adjustment
    • No other decade pattern on the market today with these uncertainties and low ohmic range